Sunday, 22 April 2018

April Shorties Update

Trilla B commented on my MLB April Shorties post asking:

Hi. I did backtest via trend builder and it looks like betting RL in these games is more profitable. Can you confirm ?
I've no idea what 'trend builder' is, but over the last seven seasons, while backing the Run Line is profitable, the profits fall short of backing the favourite straight up.
Backing the favourite straight up generated 34.73 points, and in addition never saw a losing season, which is psychologically important.

I haven't received too many emails thanking me for pointing this April trend out, but if you are following me this season, you are doing very nicely (at least backing straight up you are). 
Noticeable is the record number of qualifiers this season, and we still have almost one-third of the month to come! 

13 of the Wins have been by one run, which explains why the Run Line P/L is currently negative, and 31 games (67.4%) have been Unders. 

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