Monday, 17 May 2021

Into The Playoffs With Page-McIntyre

Both the NHL and NBA regular seasons are now ended with the playoffs underway for the former. For the NBA, this season sees a new play-in format (similar to the first two rounds of the Page-McIntyre System for a four-team playoff) to determine the seventh and eighth seeds in both conferences.

Typically the teams with the seventh and eight best regular season records are allocated these spots, but this season the teams finishing seventh through tenth play a mini single elimination tournament for the two spots. The ninth and tenth placed teams play each other first, with the loser eliminated and the winner playing the loser of the match between seventh and eight placed teams for the final playoff spot. The winner of the seventh v eighth game becomes the seventh seed, which in the Western Conference sees the Los Angeles Lakers (second favourites to win the championship) host the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers finished tied for 5th place with the Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers but dropped to 7th based on the tie-breaker rules. 

The idea of a play-in tournament was, as with the Football League playoffs, to keep interest going for longer for more teams in the regular season and a single elimination game in the NBA is new, with best of 5 or 7 game series typical. 

Those of you following the Overs System this season will doubtless be thrilled with the results yet again. 
A more manageable number of bets than in 2018 and the highest ROI since the totals started to climb so dramatically in this league. Totals are in italics as there will likely be a few more qualifiers from the playoffs. 

In the NHL, the results were also excellent despite the realignment of teams due to the pandemic:
Hopefully the markets will continue to be inefficient through the playoffs. The Boston Bruins lost in overtime on Saturday, but we had two winners yesterday to put the post season results into profit. 


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Stewboss said...

The NBA overs figures are good on the face of it but I feel that results based on the closing line would be a more useful measure. The figures polled from your data source are posted at arbitrary times with no consistency. There are threads on their forum confirming this.