Sunday, 8 August 2021

Olympic Finals and Community Shields

Hopefully some of you made a profit backing the Draw in the two Olympic Football Finals, matches which have historically produced Draws at the rate required to be profitable. For the Women three of the six Finals had finished as Draws, with this year making it four of seven, while in the Men's Final three of eight have now finished even.

Excluding the Bronze Medal games where laying the draw is the recommended strategy, (none of the 15matches have ended as a Draw) 36.6% of Women's knockout matches have been Draws, while in the Men's (U-23) the number is 28.6%. 

The Community Shield game is also one where the Draw is historically value and we came close again this year, with the Draw broken by an 89' penalty. Results since prices have been available:
The ROI drops to 32% from this small sample size of matches.

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