Thursday, 12 August 2021

UEFA Super Cup

Since UEFA's Super Cup went to a single game, the 24 matches have produced 10 draws with a noticeable increase in recent seasons.

Hopefully some of you took advantage of this bias yesterday as the Chelsea - Villareal game became the fourth consecutive Draw in this fixture, the sixth in the last seven, and seventh of the last nine. If any one category is in form for this strategy, this is it! 

I have historical prices for the matches since 2005 and not since 2014 has the game been decided by more than one goal. 
After yesterday's result, the ROI of backing the Draw increased from 116% to 125%

The numbers do show that clubs take this game seriously, with English and Spanish clubs making up the majority of appearances. 

It's interesting that adding in the larger sample of UEFA club Finals (Champions League and Europa League) featuring English and Spanish teams, the Draw ROI increases from an already solid 37% to an even higher 69%:

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