Thursday, 23 September 2021

Killer Update

If the emails in my Inbox are to be believed, and I have no reason to think they shouldn't be, then there is some good news to report: 

Killer Sports is under new management as of September 1st. Rest assured, Killer Sports and Killer Cappers will not discontinue despite what the banners on the sites communicated this summer.

Some loss of functionality during the transition is a small inconvenience in the whole scheme of things, and I hope things progress smoothly. 

Coincidentally since the new management took over, the baseball betting has taken a turn for the worse, with the Hot Favourites system down 7.7% for the month with lefties mostly to blame! 

More to come when the regular season ends, but these are atypical results for the final month of the season, and I include the three or four days of October that sometimes conclude the regular season. 

Unusually there are no really close division races to make the post-season. The National League West is the closest with the San Francisco Giants just two games ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers, with my poor wife's San Diego Padres fading badly in the stretch. Both the Giants and Dodgers are guaranteed a play-off spot, even if the runner-up has to navigate a one-off elimination game versus the other Wild Card team, likely St Louis Cardinals. 

The American League is a little more interesting for the Wild Card, with five teams separated by fewer than six games and if the season were to end today, the AL Wild Card game would be between big AL East rivals Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Despite playing all their games before the end of July away from their home stadium due to Canada's COVID rules, the Toronto Blue Jays are also still in contention in the AL East. 

The regular season ends on October 3rd.  

At least the NFL season has stated positively with the Small Road Dogs winning seven out of eight games, the sole loss being the New York Jets in Week One who fell short by two points. Seven more potential selections this weekend including the Monday Night game.  

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