Friday, 30 July 2010

Quiet, And Getting Quieter

The month is over from a trading point of view, and while the account is in profit, it's not by much. Prior to June, only 7 of 53 months saw a monthly swing of less than four figures, but June and July have both been less than that, and two of the quietest months ever. Also concerning is that every month this year, profits have been less than the corresponding month in 2009. 

The strategies I'm applying are pretty much the same as a year ago, but it does seem that it's getting harder and harder to make money on the exchanges. July is always a slow month, ranking 10th, and August and September aren't much better in 9th and 8th places respectively. With my taking half of August off, expectations for the immediate future are low, but if I am going to be away, it seems that this is as good a time of year to go as any. 

The silver lining in the cloud is that after paying the Premium Charge in all but one month since its inception, I have now avoided it for four consecutive months. I almost miss it. That awful April helped, with my Total Charges currently at 20.53%, still slightly above the level at which the Premium Charge is triggered.

This blog will most likely be dormant until mid-August. More important things than blogging and trading to focus on, and by the time I return, the new football season will be underway. In the US, baseball will be moving into its final few weeks, and the NFL will be in pre-season mode. Liquidity is always good in the televised NFL games, and perhaps some exciting baseball penant races will raise in-play liquidity.

Be lucky. I'll be back.


Rod Hull said...

Have a great time mate, see you in a few weeks!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the wedding Cassini, best wishes for a great day. Mudflaps

NICK B said...

have a great wedding Cassini!

Mark Iverson said...

Good luck with the wedding mate - hope it all goes well for you.

With that on your mind over the last few months it's no wonder the profits may have slipped a little.

All the best,


Neil said...

Good luck with the wedding mate have a great break.



Anonymous said...

Good luck Meester Cassini , I'm sure you'll both be velly happy

form said...

Good luck.

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Talkbet said...

Good luck mate, sure everything will all go ok, just enjoy it.


Max said...

Tanti auguri from Italy...

SnipeR said...

Good read, nice writing, gl with the wedding ( ive been married 20 years )...oh and will you add us plz m8