Saturday, 10 July 2010

Bronze Medal Match - Butt Debut

Today sees the 17th third place game in World Cup history, and of those 17, just one has finished as a draw after 90 minutes. Four have been scoreless after 45 minutes, and 14 have been Over 2.5 goals, which is unsurprisingly favourite at 1.78.

The last eight matches have all been Over 2.5 goals, including all six matches since the current format was adopted in 1986. Two of those have been close however with Italy - England scoreless until the 71st minute, and the third goal not scored until the 86th, and the last match in 2006 between Germany and Portugal didn't see the thirds goal until the 78th minute.

Germany have been in four of these matches, winning three, and Uruguay in two, losing both, the last being in 1970 to West Germany.

I am on the Overs, and Germany to win in 90 minutes, but wary of the fact that this is always a match that the two teams didn't want to be involved in. Klose on the bench and Butt making his debut suggest Germany are a little more relaxed about this game, (drifting to 2.03) but when the game starts, the players want to win the game like any other, and the game is played competitively enough.

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