Monday, 26 July 2010

One Born Every Minute

There are some prize clowns on the betting forums. Earlier today, we had someone trying to sell information on a 'fixed' game (lose, and your 10 Euros back - yeah, right) in Brazil, Ceara v Palmeiras. Ceara to win was the tip.

As time went by, the poster tried to make out that the tip was for HT Draw/FT Ceara;

"5/1 for HT/FT and 2.2 for Ceara which was smashed into down to 2.1. people like me who paid for the extra HT/FT knew that Ceara were gonna not score till 2nd half anyway. It's obvious they are going to have a late winner for Ceara and when it does **** will loook like a stalking fool".
Note the 2.2 smashed down to 2.1 - not exactly most peoples idea of a 'smash'.

It's always quite entertaining watching as these things unfold.
Listen you can still get 3.4 on what is a 1.01 chance. Stop talking rubbish and help yourself and feel the love
As 90 minutes approached, we got this:
Well they either score or a pen is guaranteed. Never bin so confident in my life after talking with Jens
Jens has assured me that it is fixed so expect a goal
As the inevitable was confirmed, the game finished 0-0, he came up with this little gem:
I am gobsmacked. Maybe Palmeiras weren't in the conspiracy. I will speak to Jens and let you know what happened after he speaks to his man at pitchside............
As someone else pointed out, in language a little cruder than mine, how the devil do you fix a game when the team that is supposed to lose, don't know they're supposed to lose! That's a strange fix.

And if all that wasn't bad enough, he finished off with
Jens says no bother put enuff on Manure versus Kansas. ManUre are certs. He says its fixed that Utd will win
You couldn't make this stuff up!

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