Thursday, 8 July 2010

Decisons, Decisions

The sporting world is anxiously awaiting “The Decision”. Where will LeBron “The King / LBJ” James be playing next season? ESPN have a one hour prime time special to announce it; a little build up, the decision itself, and then 45 minutes of analysis.

The Decision is also having an effect on options prices.

He could stay at Cleveland, and earn more than he would playing anywhere else, plus a lot of respect I would suggest, but right now it seems he is leaning towards joining Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami and opting for Championships over money. The Chicago Bulls have a chance, or he could join Carlos Boozer in New York where his “Decision” is being announced. The hapless Clippers seem to be out of the running for his services.

All will be revealed in less than six hours, and it’ll be interesting to see what effect “The Decision” has on the NBA Winner market for 2010-11. Summer League starts today or tomorrow for those who can’t get enough NBA, but I suspect we won’t be seeing King James in action whoever he decides to join.

Update: No big surprise. James has made his decision, and will play for Miami Heat next season. Computer predictions have the Heat going 66-16 next season, and winning the East. The Lakers three-peat faces a big challenge.

FIFA have made a decision too – and the Three Lions make it to the World Cup Final after all. Howard Webb and his team have done England proud! I remember Jack Taylor awarding the Netherlands a penalty in the first minute in the 1974 final against West Germany, and later reading how Franz Beckenbauer had strolled over to say “Taylor – you’re an Englishman” to him.

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