Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Semi-Final - Netherlands v Uruguay

The tipsters seem unanimous that Netherlands are the pick today, and the consensus favours the Under 2.5 which were my unimaginative picks a couple of days back, and the prices haven't moved since then. I also think the HT 0-0 bet at 2.54 is value.

As exciting a game this could be, I'm a little concerned that the Netherlands may be looking ahead to the Final already. Stay focused.

Still on the World Cup, and someone told me a few days back that only two teams had ever come from two goals down in World Cup finals matches. I was able to think of three off the top of my head, one team coming from 0-3 down to win, to put that number to rest, but after doing some research it's still not that high a total. Any guesses? They can be anonymous!

Several blogs seem to have gone on hiatus, while Edgehunters has called it a day. Meanwhile, the suspense of waiting for Adam Heatchcote's next trading tip is killing me.


Curly said...

I shall take a stab at 5, because its a nice number.

gvl said...

Actually I've done the opposite and just started blogging again after a break.