Thursday, 22 July 2010

Blog Roll News

I have a number of blogs on the blog roll, but another one has decided to call it quits yesterday. No more WTA Betting

Sat down to do the blog and thought ffs this is too much like hard work. Benefits to me are zero too, as discipline seems ok (famous last words!). It's a real chore to blog daily - don't know how some do it. So I'm jacking it in again. Might come on and gob off from time to time, but really can't be arsed with a daily pl etc.
Another good reason perhaps not to post P&L all the time - it's boring to write as well as read! As Rob The Builder said in his comment:
Most of the guys who pack the blogging in quickly are posting daily, generally in a formatted way ( P&L, same recurring info ). You do the same, but have plenty of interesting things to say as well. Cut out the daily '3 out of 4 favourites won' and just post when you've got something worth saying. There's plenty in your blog worth reading, it would be a shame if it stopped.
I had a request to add Cubone - The Gambling Historian at the weekend, which I did. If only the guy had someone to edit his posts, I think there might be some great stories in there, but sadly most of the posts are almost incomprehensible. Names are spelt wrong, and some dates are clearly wrong - he claims to have opened a betting shop in 1959, yet they weren't legalised until 1 May 1961 - but there's a lot of potential there.

Peter Nordsted returned after an absence in April to write: "Well its been a couple of very busy weeks since my last posting and hopefully now I can return to some kind of normality" but has since vanished from the blogosphere. Abducted by aliens perhaps.

Similarly vanished are John the Loser, who spun such a web of porkies that no one believed anything he had to say any more anyway, and lost at the water fountain, presumed drowned, is Adam "H2O" Heathcote.

kokoooooooo 'trading mostly football on Betfair' may soon be gone since he has upset Betfair and found himself banned, and after winning £2,280.11 in June, the "month my life changed" BH at Total Available £0.00 has stopped blogging, perhaps to avoid the begging letters.

This blog itself will most likely be dormant for several days later this month into mid-August, but I'll be back. Do not forsake me.

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Anonymous said...

I'd agree with the comments about cubone. The guy's got a lot of interesting stories to tell but it's just too hard going to decipher his posts. Hopefully one day some gambling blog will come along that's well written and interesting :)