Wednesday, 2 February 2011

As January Goes

There's an old Stock Market adage 'as January goes, so goes the year'. I hope it applies to my trading, as the month just ended was my second best month (with December 2010 being the best) in two years. I am in form, and with a decent win yesterday (Monday) I now have six days of devil-may-care betting ahead of me. The Total Charges percentage is up to 19.81% (up from 19.66%) but still not quite enough to dodge the charge. January is usually a strong month with plenty of quality NFL games, the football season in full-swing (weather permitting), and the NBA passing the halfway mark. Tennis, cricket, golf and Golden Globes have also helped the bottom line. The Academy Awards are at the end of this month, and I owe someone a few beers after he tipped me The King's Speech back in November before I'd even heard about it. I hope the small error of using Helvetica font in a 1930s scene, when the font wasn't designed until 1957, won't do too much damage! It would be petty to mention that Betfair haven't even listed it correctly, missing out the apostrophe which is just poor. What would Lynn Truss say?

A few bets tomorrow on the football, with strong draws at Chievo Verona v Napoli (3.2) and Blackburn Rovers v Tottenham Hotspur (3.5).

Other picks are Fulham, priced by me at 1.72, available at 2.12 v Newcastle United. Bolton Wanderers are fair at 1.95 to beat Wolverhampton Wanderers, and I have Blackpool at 2.02 v West Ham United, but available at 2.42. Over 2.5 goals at 1.71 in this one looks value too.

Palermo are also good value at 2.26 to beat Juventus. I also have Sampdoria (2.42) v Cagliari. I have Sampdoria much shorter than this.

The away pick is Manchester City (1.91) priced up by the Cassini model at 1.74. Away picks are incidentally running at 100% in 2011 in case you were wondering.

And if they all lose? Less PC!

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