Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Gain On Spain

After-timing I know, but it wasn't a big win so indulge me a little. I let my pre-game lay of Spain run it's course today, and made a little over three figures. Once again, it paid to oppose the general feeling that seems to feel Spain simply had to show up to win. They came up short in 1588, and history repeats itself. Here are a couple of views I read earlier today from around the blog world:

Who Wants To Be A Betting Millionaire -
Can't see England getting anything from a Spanish team out to humble the hosts on their home turf. Have backed Spain (-1.0) in the asian handicap - £4 at 2.50 at paddy power.
BetsLayer Acount Bets
England v Spain Spain to win (1.86)
England v Spain Both to Score Evens (2.00)
It used to be conventional wisdom that England were always priced too short, but the globalisation of the betting markets has seen an end to that. Spain at odds-on to win in England? While the market isn't usually too far wrong, I did feel that Spain's price had been driven down too low.


BotTrader said...

Aftertiming, donation buttons, you'll be sticking up profit and loss screenshots next :)

Betslayer said...

I guess it showed the folly of betting on friendlies and especially those featuring Spain. Still think both selections were value, even at odds on this was a Spain side that had beaten England twice without conceding and are European and World champions.

...I'm pleasantly surprised that England got the result and managed to keep a clean sheet against the Spanish possession.