Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Match Postponed (Attempted Suicide)

The weekend's football is now wrapped up, and the numbers have been updated.

The Random Draws enter the 'Friendly Table' in last place with an ROI of -100% after three selections, (hard to be worse than that), and the Green Pullover's Draw selections drop from second to third spot after two winners from eleven selections wasn't good enough. Griff's five selections from the EPL produced no winners, while Football Elite found one winner from two selections, with a third selection being postponed (Koln v Mainz '05) postponed as "the referee tried to commit suicide a couple of hours before the game!"

Most inconsiderate of him. Pete Nordsted's Game Of Two Halves system found one winner from three, for a small profit, but with two 0-0 results from two selections, both the XX Draw Selections were winners as draws and as Under selections moving their ROIs to 31% and 14% respectively.
A look back at a couple of comments, one from Betslayer who corrected me on my statement "What I said was that in the world of sports, we all see the game unfolding at the same time and was contrasting this to the world of finance, where we don't"
Just to slightly pick you up on the below, its not true that we all get to watch the game at the same time...doing a time trial last night on the Bundesliga game on ESPN it was at least 10 seconds behind live through cable....about 6 seconds through a dish.....cable now getting unuseable for sports trading/inrunning! Great Blog, loving your work :-)
Well, yes, but I didn't mean it literally as in the exact same second - as the rules on Betfair state
The extent of any such delay may vary, depending on the set-up through which they are receiving pictures or data.
Any event where court-siding is possible is one where a TV viewer will always be at a disadvantage, but if you are trading 'fastest finger', if you are behind, it won't take long to see that. Besides, an edge built on speed is only an edge until someone else gets their 'pictures or data' from the same source as you.

Tradeshark had a valid point on the sports v financials debate with this comment
Point taken although I would have thought the people with real prior knowledge of the figures wouldn't be wasting their time using 20 quid stakes on Betfair
That would probably not be the best use of valuable information!


Average Guy said...

Referring to Tradsharks stake issue with 20 quid, according to a TV ad here in Ireland some "charities" need only 2 quid a week to feed a family of 5, maybe that's who is at it ?

Betslayer said...

Yeah thats why I said slightly and was indeed being pedantic. But I was genuinely shocked to see a 10 second delay on tv pictures..not streaming pictures and not by the odd second.....now you may say an edge built on speed is no edge...but its far bigger than that, if you are always seeing the odds at 10 seconds disadvantage then you are going to struggle...Betfair should despite the pathetic get out statement have more of a breakdown of the delays. The normal punter will be unaware and infact so will experienced punters, its only this season thats its gone this bad...why is that? Cheers BetsLayer

"Well, yes, but I didn't mean it literally as in the exact same second - as the rules on Betfair state"

The extent of any such delay may vary, depending on the set-up through which they are receiving pictures or data.

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devilonline said...

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Handy Andy said...

Hi Cassini,

Just wondering why you dropped my link from your very extensive blog list at the end of last month.

Your link is still on my blog list and as far as I am aware I have not done anything to offend you.

Now that I have been made redundant I am going to start to trade the horses in the afternoon and see over the next six weeks whether I am able to sustain a decent income from this and the football to continue on a full time basis.

Kind regards,