Friday 9 August 2013

XX Draws And FTL Update 2013-14

With the new season starting for real tonight, if you want to receive all the projected 500 plus draw selections for less than 30p a shot, you'll need to move fast. We have one selection from opening night, and then a bunch from the remainder of the weekend.

For the Friendly Tipster League, I am going to run this from tonight through to the final weekend of the Big Five season (18th May 2014). I'll have three entries this year, the XX Draws, the Under 2.5 and the Bundeslayga selections, and anyone else can join so long as they broadly follow the updated rules for this season. I say broadly because Gundulf wants to enter his spray-gun system or whatever he calls it, and this is a bet on the Correct Score market. He has suggested a formula to allow for the fact that Correct score prices are not easy to record, one that is going to be on the low side, so like many of these bets, the table will be just a guide and in the real world you should be able to beat it.

A few people have said they like the idea of a competition for money, and to accommodate those who may not want to put their money where their mouths are, I'll make this optional.

I'm proposing an entry fee of £25. For some season long fun, that's not bad! I'll throw £50 into the pot to get it started, plus three lots of £25 for my three entries, and anyone else interested just needs to send me their entry fee (or fees if you have more than one set of selections).

PayPal to CalcioCassini @ 

I know the much respected Skeeve is interested this season, and possibly his friend's Croatian Football Bets which I can personally vouch for and say are off to a flier.

If only one person joins me, the pot will be 100% to the winner.

For 5-7 entries, it'll pay 75% to the winner, 25% to the runner-up.

For 8-11 entries, first three will receive 60%, 25%, 15% respectively.

12 or more, first four will get 50%, 25%, 15% and 10%.

So the pot stands at £125 and to sweeten it a little more, if any cash winner is a paid up full season XX Draw subscriber, I will double their prize.  So get signing up and send in those picks from this weekend's matches.

The FTL table will include all entries, 'professionals' and 'amateurs' but only the entry fee paying 'professionals' will be eligible for prizes. I'll also take the hit on any fees deducted by PayPal. I also had a suggestion that there should be a minimum number of selections and a minimum number of selections per month, to ensure that no one has a big first winner and then sits out the rest of the season. The minimum total number of bets will be 64, and each month (August and September count as one as do April and May) must have at least 5 selections. Late comers can join at any time (might be an idea if everyone is deep in the red!) but they will need to make a pro-rated number of total selections, plus the minimum of 5 per month.

If anyone has any questions, suggestions or if I am missing something, let me know. I've tried to keep it simple, but I know what gamblers are like...

Also, I know this is short notice so entries received before kick-off times will be provisionally accepted subject to receiving the entry fee by next Tuesday. Surely no one will drop out without paying after one weekend?

Whether you join the XX Draws, the FTL, neither or both, good luck in 2013-14.

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