Friday, 16 August 2013

FTL Update And Zero Commission

With the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga kicking off this weekend, the FTL will soon be in full flow. Peter Nordsted will be entering his Drawmaster selections as well as his Premier Betting picks. With eight entries, the prize money format changes to pay out to three places, and I owe Neil an apology for missing his entries last week from the table which is updated below. Neil's selections were the same as the Bundeslayga, but this week he is branching out so the tie will likely be broken:

The more the merrier, so if you want to join the fun, it's not too late. A season's long entertainment for just £25 and you could walk away with not only bragging rights, but also some cash. What a deal! I've been away on a training class for a few days, so I have a few blogs and posts to catch up on over the next few days. One headline I did see was that BETDAQ are offering the lunchtime EPL game every Saturday as a zero commission event. All markets, all season. Liverpool v Stoke City is this weekend's match, and it will be interesting to see what, if any effect this move has on the markets over at Betfair. A quick look shows that the prices are identical with Betfair still leading on amount matched by a ratio of about 3:1.

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fairfranco said...

are you using Betdaq at all?

With a 3% commission rate and no Premium charge to worry about surely they fit perfectly for your XX Draws and other Football bets that don't rely on huge liquidity. That said the amounts matched are very low and the chances of a higher price you try to get matched getting taken is probably reduced.

Now I've had my commission reduced to 3% on Betdaq I'll certainly be putting orders in for any selections I have to try and beat Betfair/bookie prices.