Tuesday 27 August 2013

Fedslam Leads

Apologies to fedslam whom I suggested had taken a break from selections this week. As he corrected me, he had in fact made several picks, but because I was away for the weekend and in catch-up mode, I forgot that his selections come from a different email name for which I offer my sincere apologies. The good news for fedslam is that he now has a whole post dedicated to a study of his selections, which included one from last night’s big match at Old Trafford.

Here were his selections for the weekend, with a few nice winners in there.

FULHAM v Arsenal
Hull City v Norwich City – Draw
Newcastle United v West Ham United – Draw
Southampton v Sunderland – Over 2.5
Stoke City v Crystal Palace – Over 2.5
ASTON VILLA v Liverpool
CARDIFF CITY v Manchester City
Manchester United v Chelsea - Draw

He certainly wasn’t the only one to expect more from Fulham and Aston Villa, and Norwich City were arguably a little unlucky to lose. Two draws from three and a win for Cardiff City more than made up for the losses though, and fedders is back in the title hunt going from 11th to 1st in one fell swoop.

Here is the updated table:
The more awake among you will have realized that you can enter the FTL now, and with a starting total of zero, already be in third place. I am just saying.

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