Wednesday 20 November 2013

Best In Show

I sometimes check to see what visitors to this blog are doing, or at least what posts they are reading, and some can be seen reading post after post. I can now put a name to one of those visitors, who posted a much appreciated comment:

In the last two weeks I've been reading your posts daily from the start of your blog trying to catch up.
Hope to finish it before the NBA 2013/14 season ends :-)
Your insight into NBA is priceless and is the only useful information about trading it that I have found.
Best regards
High praise indeed, and thanks Nick. Read on - there are over 1,600 posts, at least some of which are useful.

Green All Over is indubitably the UK's leading free NBA betting advice site, and it was interesting that the post Nick commented on is a little over three years old, yet all the advice contained therein remains valid. Either I haven't learned much in three years, or the opportunities in the NBA remain the same.

The UK's leading free 'alternative mathematics' site had another creative accounting moment last night. A novelty bet was posted on the blog with a price of 3.6 at Ladbrokes
but the Tweet from the rooftops as the bet came in a winner was to announce not just the win, but that the win was actually at 3.8! Amazing scenes, but a sad reminder of how unfair life can be. Ladbrokes close my account, yet others are given bonuses.
Pleasing maybe, but misleading too. It's as likely that Ladbrokes are adding a bonus to the payout as it is that Sporting Bet allow you to pull back half your stake if the bet turns out to be poor value. Unfortunately, for the records, we really do have to stick with the initial bet, win or lose. The other three bets all lost last night, so NBA Tips are now down 17.22 points on the 2013-14 season.
John Walsh's NFL selections are also having a poor season, with another loss on the weekend, but the NHL is still handily in profit.

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