Monday, 18 November 2013

Stupid Tap Tree (Anag.)

Despite it being a relatively quiet weekend, with several entrants idle, there were a few notable winners and losers in the FTL.

The big winner was Skeeve whose FTL selections went 7-1 gaining him 8.7 points and vaulting him from 8th to 1st place. Skeeve's Official selections, with several winning doubles, picked up 12.63 although most subscribers could have done even better as the prices he quoted as official were lower than those recorded by Pinnacle and likely others. Forza Fizzer went 1-5 and dropped from the top to 4th. Here's the profitable tipsters to date:

As you can see, a whopping 0.04 points separates second from fourth, and Forza Fizzer is actually just .005 behind Murphy's Law! And for the first time, the top four are all eligible for the cash prizes plus the TFA bounty.

As for the entries in the red, the big loser was Punter's Friend Neil whose 6-28, including midweek, resulted in a drop of 21.69 points and a fall to last place. Peter Nordsted's two entries were the beneficiaries as both moved up two places. Scatter Gun also had a losing weekend. The Football Analyst ended up with a small loss of 0.3 points, but the bounty reduces to £275.

A shocker in the NHL where John Walsh last night had his first losing selection since November 6th:
and arguably an even bigger shock in the NBA, where NBA Tips1 had their first profitable day since November 11th, and only their third profitable day this season, gaining 1.05 points:

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