Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Jogged Memories (2009)

Some interesting comments on my previous post that I shall return to as time allows, but in the meantime this news about Gary Calder brought back a few bad memories. 

Back in 2009 as my Elo based ratings were beginning to evolve, I used to rate the Football Conference and posted on February 21st:
Putting into practice my belief that there may be more value in the lower reaches of senior football, I have a few quid on Weymouth (4.0) at home to Rushden and Diamonds (this ‘appears’ to be great value, but I fear I am missing something)
What I was missing was a little inside informations -
Former Weymouth chief executive Gary Calder has been suspended from football for eight years after being found guilty of multiple breaches of the Football Association's betting rules.
Calder, who denied the charges, was guilty of providing information not publically available, for, or in relation to betting on the game against Rushden & Diamonds on 21 February 2009. 
His side lost the Conference Premier match 9-0, after fielding a youth team because their senior players refused to play after their insurance had lapsed.
Calder, who left the financially troubled club later that year, was also found guilty of further breaches of FA rules on betting and fined £2,500.
Perhaps the FA will consider refunding my lost few quid, or better idea yet - when the police come round to discuss Mrs Cassini's immigration status and  / or my inclusion of a link to one of Hejik's posts, I can ask them where I stand regarding a civil action. It's been a while since the police interviews with Jonny reportedly took place though. "Is there a problem officer?"

The reference to Mrs Cassini's immigration status was in response to a very unoriginal comment from Jonny who shamelessly copied my old friend Stephen Hughes, who in 2009 (a popular year it seems) wrote this wonderful comment on a post about Adam Heathcote:
sorry, but you are clearly a miserable old man.
Get a life pal, having read snippets of your blog you demonstrate extreme arrogance.
Who the hell do you think you are? Take a look at yourself and learn from people like Adam.
Your the type of bloke that would marry a Thai bride, sport a little beard and wear crocs.
Write about something interesting ffs.
Youre an idiot.
"Extreme arrogance"? Now does that really sound like me?

I particularly liked the irony of Stephen calling me an idiot, while blissfully unaware of how to use "your / you're", but the "Thai bride, little beard and Crocs" line is an all-time classic - one frequently brought up in the Cassini home and a possible sub-title for the Green All Over book (Cassini to be played by Brad Pitt in the movie).

If you type "thai bride little beard crocs" into Google, the first three results are all for this blog, something that amuses me no end. I'm easily amused.

Sadly, Jonny's not quite the wordsmith he thinks he is, and could only, rather lamely, came up with:
Is it true your wife is an Internet bride ?


Danny Murphy said...

LMAO at Brad Pitt Cassini!

I was thinking more like Paul Whitehouse for an Aviva ad.

Maybe it's your ability to think big like this which is behind your rise to No 1 gambling blogger and trading supremo.

The Real Jonny Grossmark said...

So Jonny Grossmark has shown himself for what he really is then a Racist!

The hilarious anonymous posts that he keeps throwing up do make me smile.

He is always claiming to be the victim but if you look at his rants and Tweeting overload when in meltdown mode it is clear that he is in fact the one doing the attacking.

I have seen him do this to several people and he always plays the "victim" card.

He also always threatens people who question the rubbish that he writes that he will report them to the police as these attacks will stop him from earning money in the betting industry in the future, what planet is this guy on, planet Jonny?

Stop wasting police time and get over yourself.

I am not sure how he earns his money but from what I have seen it cannot be through betting or writing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. I have a picture in my mind that he is one of these idle layabouts who has probably inherited some money as there is no way he can be employed.

The comment about Cassini's wife is vile at best. They always say you learn a lot about someone's character when put under pressure and unfortunately for Jonny he has shown everybody exactly what and who he is and what he stands for.