Monday, 3 March 2014

FTL (Plus One) Update 2.March.2014

Hopefully the accounting department didn't mess up the numbers this week, another error on Jamie A's would be especially embarrassing, but here they are. Not much change at the top, other than Fedslam leap-frogging Webbo into fifth place and in line for an extra £25. After 243 selections, Webbo is up by 0.01 points, but at least he is up.

The Cassini Value Selections started with a loss as Hull City went down to Newcastle United, but four subsequent winners meant an overall profit of 4.44 points.
Skeeve made 3.79 points to stay close with a 100% performance in the Conference, including fluking a 3:3 draw in the AFC Chester v Nuneaton Town game! The Bundeslayga selections picked up 2.87 points to stay second in the race for the cash.

The chasing pack saw Hofs Hackers and Jamie A swap places, and the Football Analyst steadily making up ground reducing his liability by another £25 to just £125.
The XX Draws dropped two places, but the XX Unders moved up two places and a net loss of 0.89 points. Football Elite had their best weekend of the season, picking up 7.61 points.

The rest of the table looks like this:
Peter Nordsted's woes continued with the Drawmaster dropping 3.79 points with one winner from seven draws, and three losses on the Premier Betting selections.

Old friend Jonny G has been claiming great things for his own draw selections, albeit from a small sample size to date, so I have decided to unofficially track the selections and report on them moving forward. Clearly to maintain integrity, I can't be including selections from past weeks of which I was unaware, but one of the good things about a winning system is that it doesn't matter when you start recording the bets - the positive edge ensures that the profits will come. 

Back Under 2.5 goals Hull v Newcastle @ 1.70
Back Under 2.5 goals Aston Villa v Norwich @ 1.78

Evian v Nantes 3.50*0.27 v 3.04*0.32 = 0.94 v 0.97 odds 3.2
Hibernian v Dundee Utd 4.41*0.27 v 4.11*0.32 = 1.19 v 1.31 odds 3.4
Hull v Newcastle 3.48*0.31 v 5.26*0.23 = 1.08 v 1.21 odds 3.3
Sochaux v Bordeaux 4.92*0.22 v 4.16*0.26 = 1.08 v 1.08 odds 3.2
Aston Villa v Norwich 3.55*0.28 v 3.74*0.20 = 0.99 v 0.75 odds 3.4
Cagliari v Udinese 3.76*0.24 v 3.80*0.28 = 0.90 v 1.06 odds 3.25
Milan v Juventus 4.34*0.28 v 4.21*0.32 = 1.21 v 1.35 odds 3.4
Ajaccio v Lille 3.76*0.26 v 4.49*0.26 = 0.98 v 1.17 odds 3.55

I may have erred, it does happen, but I don't believe there was one winner in those ten selections, so after week one:
* Any selections in linked blogs, posts, articles, papers or tweets are of course those of the authors of the blogs, posts, articles, papers and tweets and do not necessarily represent the views, opinions, or positions, of myself, and should not be considered a recommendation. 


Betslayer said...

Seems very petty to include Paul Finns draws (as Jonny G) on a bad week for him, when he has provided his draws since July on SOTDOC and forum for FREE.

I must admit its the first time I've seen him hit a blank so its a little ironic

Anonymous said...

Are you jealous because Jonny has more hair then you ?