Friday, 7 March 2014

Its Not Right

Queens Park Rangers published their accounts yesterday, with West Ham United fan, co-owner and Chairman Tony Fernandes writing:
'A critical driver of any club’s value is its presence in the Premier League, and the club is focused on regaining its Premier League status as quickly as possible.'
It was the second 'its' that got on my tits, just an itsy witsy bit. Why is it there? Does no one proof read these statements?

"Regaining its Premier League status"!

I'm sure lots of clubs would like to regain their Premier League status, but having played in that league for all of six seasons, QPR are a long way down the list of clubs who should be thinking they have a right to be in the Premier League. As Johnny Mustang on the Betfair Forum put it:
The way he expressed it suggests QPR belong there. And they don't.
That's the beauty of football in most of the world - the USA with its franchise system is a notable exception.

No club has a status associated with a particular league or level. Status depends on results, and QPR should be focused on "regaining Premier League status". That's it - no its.

They have their work cut out too. After 10 matches so far against top 8 teams, they have won just one, and their schedule sees them away from home in four of the next five games, make-or-break in my opinion.

Possibly Fernandes had more important things on his mind. The accounts were not pleasant reading for anyone associated with the club.


Anonymous said...

should the title to this post not be "It's not right" ?

Cassini said...

Well the title was a joke - a play on the word 'its' being 'not right' but I guess a sense of humour is not your strong suit .

By the way , I know you said you wouldn't be reading my blog any more , but someone from your IP address continues to:

Returning Visits: 525

I thought you should know so that you can report this to the police . There may be a burglar living under your bed .