Saturday, 4 October 2014

Best - Keep Your Angel Money, Royal Shark At Work

The FTL crowd wasn't that wise last week, at least not so far as the EPL was concerned. A loss of 5.65 points from the nine selections reduced the overall profit to 9.25 points.

This week sees more interest than usual in this league, with a total of 57 selections, and the top selection is a draw between Hull City and Crystal Palace. Five people have this, and four have the draw at Sunderland v Stoke City. For what it's worth, which is not very much, these two clubs did play this fixture in the League Cup less than two weeks ago, with Stoke coming from behind to win 2:1. The full predictions for this weekend are:

Other FTL highlights are that pretty much everyone is active this week. Skeeve is still waiting on the touchline, while Daily 25 has been too busy having babies which seems like a reasonable excuse for no entry. Other than those two, everyone is in, including Over Goalify who defends his 100% record with a second Overs pick in the Ajax v Zwolle game on Sunday. His first selection was a winner after 21 minutes last night and ended with a total of seven goals scored. 

For those living in fear of a big accumulator win, this weekend's entry is a four-fold (all Homes) from @ValueBankFooty comprised of:
Leader Club Havana's selections are (and I do hope these are not top secret):
Bristol City
MK Dons
Crystal Palace
Chesterfield Draw
St Mirren
He is a man of few words, but you can't argue with his strategy of pretending there is no opposition!

Pete (In Play Trader) left a comment, saying:
Hey Mr Cassini
I've started blogging again, any chance of adding me to the roll
 The name of your blog would be helpful Pete, and it's Signor Cassini!

One blog that was formerly on my roll, but was removed when the crap being spouted meant a previously decent blog had finally jumped the shark, was that of the Sultan, one minute struggling to make a few thousand a month as a full-timer, the next apparently set for life (albeit in rented accommodation). Curiosity got the better of me, and I see a couple of posts ago that despite being set for life, he's still touting his Trading Guide in every post, and has this to say about Blackburn Rovers' Leon Best, who:
comes from the same place as me and was actually taught in school by my uncle! Wonder if there's any chance of him investing another £100,000 in me............
Anyone spot the inconsistency here?

And what's this about 'another'?  I'll assume that it's poor English, rather than the fact that Leon has already previously 'invested' £100,000 in him...

Somehow the sales pitches and the wistful wish for more 'investment' doesn't quite mesh with the self proclamation that the money is just rolling in these days.
I've lived on the edge for a few years now and have come through it but things can change. I think more and more about what I'm going to do with the money I've accumulated and how I'm going to invest it in future.
Here's an idea - invest it in yourself!

Fizzer555 left me an email on my baseball observations, and has some good strategies himself. I won't mention everything in case it is a closely guarded secret, but I will share this observation:
As you said, good to have some liquidity in the baseball games for a change. With the increased turnover there also comes an increased favourite bias. Backing all play-off 'dogs over the last 10 years would have given you a 4.8% ROI.
I mentioned Game 1 of the Los Angeles Angels v Kansas City Royals game last night, and perhaps some of you made some good money on last night's game which followed the same pattern. You can't say you weren't told! Once again the Angels were big favourites and the bias continued into extra innings.

As happened in Game 1, Game 2 saw the Royals win the game in extra (11) innings after the Angels again never led the game, yet traded as low as 1.2. Who was it who said: "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it"? Probably Winston Churchill or Oscar Wilde - they said a lot of things!

There was a 1.01 gubbing in the other Los Angeles game where a 6:1 lead for the hot favourite Dodgers turned into a 6:10 deficit versus the St Louis Cardinals who scored 8 runs in the 7th inning, and held on to win 10:9.


Marty said...

I think the Leon Best 'another' may refer to him investing £100k on the BBC TV programme 'Millions By The Minute'. The 'money managers' on that program might not have been quite as good as the Sultan.

Brulati said...

Yes, that's true. He was referring to the mentioned program. These money managers are probably a bit more transparent than Sultan. The biggest joke were the charts without figures... and on the other hand he posted a 7'000 pound profit. This makes really a lot of sense :-)

Unknown said...

Hey Signor Cassini

Sorry, it was late and I'd had a few :-)

Graeme Dand said...

Well done to Club Havana for winning the first monthly prize. Looking at the results of the bets this weekend, might be a long way back for those of us chasing the leader!

Long way to go.....