Monday, 13 October 2014

FTL Update 13.Oct.14

With a lot of people taking the weekend off, there wasn't a huge amount of activity in the FTL.Abromo still has one match to go, but win or lose, his position won't change so here are the current standings.  First the "up by 10 or more elite":

Second and third traded places (joke intended Randolph), while Mountain Mouse squeaked (another joke, I am on fire!) into the 10+ group which lost Football Investor, actually the biggest mover in terms of places dropping six. The "up by less than 10" group is:
Football Elite climbed three places, but otherwise all very quiet. The "Down by less than 10" group has these members currently:
while the final five are:
The grand totals are:
Twenty entries currently in profit for the October monthly prize as Club Havana looks to win back-to-back prizes:
@ValueBankFooty is in good form this month, and while one big winner can change things in a hurry, the top five are the ones to beat right now.

October is rather a short month with the Internationals rather getting in the way, but it's unlikely FIFA will re-arrange the calendar to fit in with us, so we'll play the cards we're dealt.

November 1st weekend is not only the start of November (he says somewhat redundantly) but also the second group matches in the Erskine Cup.

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