Friday, 31 October 2014

October All Over

The final whistle in the Hellas Verona v Lazio game also marked the end of the FTL October month, and the prize goes to Trend to end who amassed a solid 18.06 points. Congratulations.

No runner-up prizes, but Fairfranco was second with 16.42 points and August / September's winner Club Havana was third with 15.61 points.

The midweek round was tough, with only three entries in profit, and two of them were mine from just one selection - Cagliari v AC Milan. The one XX Draw selection was a winner, and at 1:1 was also a winner for the XX Unders. Online Trader was the only other entry in profit, with the one selection also a winner.

Because it was a quiet round, and I have the Serie A numbers to update, the summary will be brief. Below is the latest table, along with the P&L for the round and the totals for October.

I should mention that Jamie A was short-changed a few points last weekend, but the correction has been made. Please let me know if anyone else thinks their numbers look wrong. Assuming no major errors, if Trend to end would let me know whether he wants his prize held back and combined with others to come or paid now, I would appreciate it.

A reminder that this weekend is the second round of Erskine Cup group matches with everything still to play for.

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