Thursday, 2 October 2014

First Prize

The first cash prize winner of the 2014-15 FTL season has been determined, and the winner of the August / September £25 monthly prize is:

Perfect timing to take the lead, and an impressive opening few weeks from Club Havana with the best ROI from any entry with more than 30 selections.

The other 19 in profit selections are:
I've not been tracking it, but it does seem that we have had new leaders after almost every round. After the midweek results, the total profit and ROI are:
The October monthly prize will be for this weekend up to the midweek of Tuesday 28th.


fairfranco said...

well done to Club Havanna.

Alas my 2 draws to finish the month couldn't catch me up!

Brian H said...

Yep, well done Club Havanna and to all in profit so far. The standard is up on last season and I'm enjoying the increased competition.

I've had a bit of a slump but it's just variance folks - rest assured I'll be back :)

Brian (