Saturday 31 January 2015

Erskine Cup Round Of 16

Erskine Cup weekend is here, and the good news is that every match has at least one team playing, so barring something rather unlikely, we should have eight winners come Monday night.

The teams choosing to sit it out and hope for the worst (for their opponents) are Randolph, Abromo and Betcast. The other five ties will all be played in the rather more traditional manner of two teams on the field! Good luck to all, with the exception of @ValueBankFooty and Football Elite. Nothing personal of course, but it would not be the best weekend for @ValueBankFooty to hit one of his trebles,  which this weekend are:


An Everton win would be extremely hard to take! Talkies Tips has taken an early lead over Mortimer with his inspired selection of Wolfsburg to beat Bayern Munich last night, while Fairfranco is 3 points down after the French Ligue Deux results, advantage Jamie A, and Gecko is 1 point down which is good news for the idle Betcast attempting to win the Erskine Cup while playing in just one match. A long way to go yet though.

I haven't done this for a while, but here are the EPL fixtures this weekend, with the combined value calls of everyone:
A lot of love for in-form Crystal Palace at 2.76, as well as for Burnley (3.66), WBA (2.81) and Chelsea (2.17).

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Marty said...

What's the sporting equivalent of sitting out? I'm thinking O'Sullivan vs Robidoux