Friday, 2 January 2015

Reigning Draws

A few entrants in action on New Years Day with a full round of EPL games, plus almost complete rounds in the Scottish Premier and the Conference Premier leagues.

Fairfranco stays top despite his poor end to 2014 continuing into 2015 and dropping another three points. None of his closest challengers were active though, the closest being Football Elite who picked up 3.16 points to move up to 5th place.

Here are the up by 10 points or more, and more than a third of the entries fall into this group, which is pretty darn good.

The big winner of the day was the XX Draws with three winners from five EPL picks (+5.18 points) on a good day for draws, and the two losers were both wins for the Unders which gained 3.88 points. Draw Picks also benefited with two winners from three and picked up 3.68 points. Leicester City's comeback at Liverpool was the sole winner for Fulltimebettingblog but was enough to end the day in profit, albeit by just 0.04 points. They all help.

Overall on the day, the table picked up 1.40 points, with the biggest loser being who dropped 7.09 points and fell out of profit for the season.
Talkies Tips dropped 3.01 points, while TFA_Raz and Football Investor had small losses. OverGoalify cruised to a winner having the Overs in the Dundee derby, which ended with 8 goals, and was a winner by the 27th minute. December winner Rubicon eked out a small profit as he tries to become the first monthly champion to successfully defend his title. Scott modestly had this to say:
Just read this post and had no idea there was a monthly prize. Happy for you to hold it until the end of the season or apply it to next year's entry fees.
No idea? Does no one read these regular updates? As for "apply it to next year's entry fees", did I say I was running this again next season?  Actually, I might, but no promises.

As for the entrants down by ten points or more, they are pretty much unchanged:
Only Sjosta was in action, and he made a small loss on the day. The recent spate of draws in the EPL has meant a bit of a change in the Draw Portfolio. On December 17th, the Draws were down by a combined 8.9 points (1.5%), but two weeks later the numbers are a lot healthier:
More selections in play for this weekend, with more expected even if it is FA Cup weekend.

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