Tuesday, 27 January 2015

FTL Update: Jan 26th

It was another tough round for the FTL contestants, who overall lost another 20.05 points and whose profits now sit at just 18.39 points from 6,042 valid selections, an ROI of 0.3%. Only four entries were up on the weekend, with fifteen down, and no one went from green to red or red to green.

The big winner of the round was Mortimer on points (+6.35), and he was also the co-winner of four in terms of places, sharing the lead with the idle Football Investor, Gecko and Bounty Boy TFA Draws.

The biggest loser was Drawmaster who lost on all seven selections and dropped five places.

As is traditional, we'll start with a look at the leading entries, those up by 10 points or more, and there's not too much change at the top. Six of the top 10 took a break, including leader Fairfranco who thus had his best round in a while :)

The only profitable entry in this group was BettingTools.co.uk, while the biggest loser was XX Unders who had three matches end as 2:1 results which is the most annoying scoreline possible! The other three losses were all under a point (Football Elite losing 0.01 points) so no serious damage.

The remainder of the entries in profit, and in line for a share of the prize money, are:
As with the top group, only one entry here managed to make a profit, with Bounty Boy TFA Draws making 1.20 points on a tough weekend for draw-hunters. Draw Picks lost 2.65 points, while XX Draws and Drawmaster couldn't find a single winner between them. Mountain Mouse struggled losing 4.48 points, Gecko lost 1.06 points and Over Goalify lost a miniscule 0.03 points. Skeeve was idle, but that was due to a waterlogged pitch rather than a reluctance to get involved.

Finally, the dirty dozen who are in the red for now:
Two profitable entries here, Mortimer mentioned earlier, and Sjosta who made 0.30 points, plus five losers and five idlers. Two losers (Talkies Tips and Cassini Value) lost under a point, while the three larger losers were the bottom three in the table, with results which didn't help their troubles.

With one week to go, the January standings are:
The Draw Portfolio took a hit and is now down by 15.01 points, while the Bounty Boys are up by a combined 21.50 points but still have 'bounty' liabilities totalling £1,250:
Next weekend (Jan 30 - Feb 2) marks not only the end of the January monthly competition, but also the Erskine Cup Round of 16. Once again, the matches ahead are:

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