Tuesday, 10 February 2015

FTL Update 9.Feb

The weekend resulted in a net loss of 0.16 points, with the big winners being BettingTools.co.uk on points (+7.44 points) and Mortimer and Draw Picks on places (up five and four respectively). The biggest losers were Sjosta who dropped 9.00 points, and TFA_Raz, whose poor run since mid-January continued with a fall of five places. Still in the top 10 though, and still up by ten points - just:

BettingTools.co.uk sets the early pace for February, as Randolph sits on top of the table taunting his rivals with cries of "come and get me". Club Havana inched closer, and is now just 0.16 points back, while Trend to end moved up one place due to Fairfranco taking another loss. Draw Picks did the Draw portfolio proud making 4.99 points, the Bundeslayga picked up 2.07 points and Bounty Boy Football Elite added 3.16 points (although this may be adjusted as Football Data's Serie A link took me to La Liga so the price on one winner is an estimate). XX Unders made a loss of 2.01 points from 16 selections.

The rest of the profitable entries sees Mortimer replace Bounty Boy Football Investor in the green, and not one of this group lost points. Other than Mortimer, XX Draws picked up 3.61 points, Fulltimebettingblog made 3.00 (courtesy of Manchester City's late equaliser versus Hull City), and Jamie A added 2.63 points. OverGoalify made 0.71 points, and Bounty Boy Skeeve added 0.61 points but lost a position!
In the losers group, with the top few desperately trying to get into the green and the money spots, we have:
Bounty Boy TFA Draw Draws helped himself by picking up 1.75 points, and more importantly three places, while Rubicon (+3.76) and @ValueBankFooty were the only other profitable entries in this group. Drawmaster and TFA Euro Draws both had losing weekends, as did Cassini Value who lost all five selections thanks, in part, to Peter Crouch! Sjosta lost all nine selections, while Mountain Mouse, Online Trader and Talkies Tips all had small losses.

The overall total is now down by 25.47 points, and here are some of the 'portfolio' / Bounty Boy details:
A lot of picks expected for the midweek games in England, and the Serie A game between Parma and Chivo Verona which was buried under snow on Sunday has been moved to tomorrow (Wednesday) and a couple of people have at least one midweek selection as a result.

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