Sunday, 15 February 2015


Poor old Fairfranco bemoans his recent misfortunes writing:
My slump is quite ridiculous now!
Charlton even gave me boundless hope with a come back from 2-0 to 2-2 before conceding again!
It's one thing making a loss but losing almost every tip week after week when they are well backed up selections is just ridiculous!
If Fairfranco is relying on Charlton Athletic to give him hope, then he's in worse shape than I thought! 

As has been discussed on this blog before, it’s not where you are that is important; it’s how you arrived there. Fairfranco is currently up 12.32 points with an ROI% of 4.29 from 287 selections, which isn’t too shabby at all when looked at as a standalone position.

The reason for the disappointment is of course that his current position is relatively much poorer than in late November when he was up 57.66 points, with an ROI% of 28.13.

Someone with a net worth of £1 million feels quite different if they have built that sum up from nothing versus if they had started off in life with an inheritance of £5 million.

Fairfranco took the weekend off, which may have been a wise decision. It appears to have been a tough round for most, although a couple of the Bounty Boys look well placed to make up both points and places. A couple of entrants have an interest in tomorrow night's Elche v Eibar match (Draw Picks and Mountain Mouse [Away]) and I'll update the numbers after that.

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