Sunday, 28 May 2017

League Two 2016-17 Summary

League Two Away System

Back in February, I wrote:

League Two is again where the Aways are leading the way, and for the sixth straight season, it looks like they will end above the 30% level.

Using Pinnacle's Closing prices, this continues to be a money-spinner, but don't tell everybody.
 At the time of writing, the numbers were:
The League Two regular season is now over, and here are the final numbers for the past five seasons of this simple system. 
Past performance is no guarantee of future success of course, especially in a division that churns 25% of its members each season, but one to watch next season. 

Once again, note the huge gulf between Pinnacle's Closing Prices and the Best Prices available, courtesy of Joseph Buchdahl's essential resource at Football Data.

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