Monday, 22 January 2018

Crisco Cops

A profitable NFL Championship round yesterday, with only the New England Patriots failing to cover the spread v the Jacksonville Jaguars a loser. Unders was a winner continuing the sequence for the Patriots in this round.

In the second game, the Home Philadelphia Eagles made the +3 look silly, winning the game v the Minnesota Vikings by 31 points and an easy win for the Overs.

The Eagles win means another trip for me to that city, for Superbowl LII weekend. 

During a moderate to heavy session in the city of brotherly love last November, I recklessly promised to return should the Eagles make it to the Superbowl. 

I'm a man of my word, so I plan to be there. It should be a great experience, and the Crispo Cops will doubtless be out in force that weekend.

As I already have a work trip starting today until January 31st, it will be a while I'm home for any length of time. My wife will not be happy.

I leave you with some numbers from a system that backs the EPL Draw on a simple weighted scale of 0 to 5 points.

Since the Pinnacle Closing Era, the results of this method are:

I did also go back to the six seasons prior to Pinnacle, and using Bet365 prices and their 105%+ books, this strategy is still profitable. 

Remember that Pinnacle's prices can often be beaten, so these figures represent an 'at least' amount.

The first column shows the percentage of matches resulting in a Draw for each season, while the selections is the number of matches, and the staked column is the amount staked, between 1 and 5, although 5's are rare. Returns by staking level are here:
This past weekend's Draw selections were 3 points on the Everton v West Bromwich Albion game, and a point each on Stoke City v Huddersfield Town and West Ham United v AFC Bournemouth which resulted in a profit of 7.28 points. 

Back in February.  

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