Thursday, 13 September 2018

WNBA 2018 Review

The WNBA season ended last night with the Seattle Storm easily beating the Washington Mystics to sweep the series. 

As with the men, there is value backing smaller favourites on the road, and while the paragraph below was written about the NBA, it applies equally to the WNBA:

The other (almost) perennially profitable system is backing Road Favourites coming off a loss when playing an opponent coming off a win. While not quite reaching the heights of 2013, an ROI of 33.75%, albeit from a small bet total of 54, was solid enough.
There are not enough matches in the WNBA season to make a relevant comparison, but for qualifying road favourites coming off a loss, the numbers are good. The ROI for the 2018 regular WNBA season was 27.3%, a big improvement on 2017's pretty decent 8.4%
As in other US sports, with their Conference and Divisional arrangements, it often pays to look at the type of game. For example, here are the results of backing smaller Road Favourites in Conference games 
98.5% of the profits came from 30 Conference games this season. 

No guarantee of course that these trends will continue in 2019, but something to watch for next May.   

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