Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Weekend Wrap

There were just the two +3.0 selections from the College Road 'Dog System last Saturday, with one winner and one loser. With a 3-8 weekend overall, this was not its finest hour. 14-18-1 for the season to date.

One UK based reader was asking for suggestions on where to place these bets, and the obvious answer is to have Pinnacle available to you. Pinnacle restrict by country, not by nationality, so while this blog would never encourage anyone to do anything dodgy, gaining access to a Pinnacle account shouldn't be an insurmountable challenge for anyone serious about investing on sports. 

Somewhat related, and it's pleasing, but perhaps a little surprising, that only about one third of hits on this blog come from the UK. The USA is always high on the list, with Sweden, Italy and Australia making up the top five. I guess the UK percentage would be higher if I were to touch on horse racing, but that's not going to happen. 

Back to sports, and the NFL Road 'Dogs did better than the College ones with five winners from eight selections. 

Only the one draw in the English Premier League this weekend, another winner for the Little 14 category, but a losing weekend overall. It's still early days, but with just nine draws from the opening five rounds, the record low EPL draw percentage of 2005-06 (20.26%) could be challenged.  

Serie B has seen a much higher nine draws from just 27 matches, but chaos reigns in Italy now as a court has today suspended the league!  

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