Saturday, 6 April 2019

Away Days

Tonight sees the final games in the NHL's Regular season, with one Basic selection (Winnipeg Jets) before we can update the numbers but what ever the outcome, we're in profit for the season. This has been a profitable strategy every year since the lockout shortened 2012 season. 

Here are the results since March to level stakes:

With no Draws this week in the English Premier League, the strike rate falls below 18%. Four more matches without a Draw and the percentage will be the lowest since 1905, coincidentally a year when some very fine clubs were formed. 
In not unrelated news, the treble by Away teams earlier today has moved the Away strike rate to an all-time high, for the first time exceeding one in three.

Several years ago I wrote about the decline of home advantage in the Premier League, and it's noticeable that five of the top ten all-time seasons for Aways have been in the last eight seasons.

With VAR coming next season, I expend this trend to continue.

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