Saturday, 13 April 2019

The EPL Draw Picture

It's becoming a familiar story - another weekend, at least so far, with no Draws in the English Premier League, and the dry run since March 16th continues. 

The 2018-19 season has now seen the lowest percentage of drawn matches since 1904-05, with 1931-32's 17.75% record now passed.   

If none of the three remaining games tomorrow and Monday night finish all-square, the 1889-90 percentage will also be surpassed, although 'surpassed' seems an inappropriate choice of word to describe this potentially momentous event.

Away wins this season are still atop the 120 all-time seasons table at 33.13%, courtesy of Newcastle United's win at Leicester City last night and AFC Bournemouth's demolition job against Brighton and Hove Albion earlier today.

It's all very fascinating, but a curiosity rather than a money making opportunity. Fortunately with the playoffs now underway in both the NBA and the NHL, and baseball in full swing, we have plenty of those.

Yesterday's NHL qualifier lost, but we have one selection today and one tomorrow. 
To clarify the years and seasons, I have updated the table which now looks like this:
No qualifiers for the NBA playoffs today, and none for the Basic T-Bone System, which is picking up after a slow start: 

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