Sunday, 4 August 2019

The Hottest Month

July was indeed a record month (going back to 2004) for hot favourites in MLB, with a combined 37.55 points from Money Line and Run Line bets.
Followers on the T-Bone system also saw record profits, with the Money Line and Run Line returns almost perfect with 18-2 and 16-4 records respectively.
With 37.40 points already banked, the 2012 record of 50.58 points is well within reach.
As for the Totals Systems, the Overs won 63% of matches while the Unders had a quiet month with just six selections, but all of which were winners. Note the correlation with the Money Line outcomes on these selections also:
July also features the Aestivation System which added another 11.35 points to an already full pot.

Total for the month: 95.7 points from 291 bets and about 10 minutes a day.

It'll be hard for August to improve upon these numbers, although it is typically a good month for hot favourites, but for now at least, the simple strategies are paying off hugely. I hope some of you are following along.

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O Becas das laradas said...

Relative newcomer to US sports. Do you want to share some tips on how to start building a database ? data providers, resources, etc...