Monday, 13 July 2009

Unlucky Sunday 12th

Well, all in all quite an eventful weekend. Saturday saw my third best day of the year with a nice basketball trade proving very profitable, but then Sunday saw my second worst day of the year with a not so profitable baseball trade.

What is it about Sunday the 12ths? The previous Sunday the 12th (April) was my number one worst day of the year, and now this. In April it was Easter Sunday, so I put the bad luck down to the fact that Jesus really is the son of god, and he was upset at me for not going to church to worship him. Fortunately there are no more this year. Anyone else have lucky / unlucky dates? I have to go back to November 2006 to find a profitable Sunday 12th.

A big win followed by a big loss will help with the Premium Charge though, but what a difference it would make to my morale had the bad day come first. Value doesn't always equate to winners, so I'm not too concerned, and the month is still nicely in profit. Just not quite as nicely as it was for a few hours with some of the averages hitting a high.

Mind you, I wasn't expecting too much from July and with two quiet weeks ahead, that expectation is unlikely to change. It's the baseball all-star game next week, and the week after that I am off to the Mayan Riviera for a well deserved (if I do say so myself) break. Perhaps some of the Mayan gods can help with my investing.


Rob The Builder said...

Ah, you've obviously upset the Protestants of Northern Ireland - it's Orangemens Day.

Cassini said...

So there IS a God, and he's a Protestant God... Now I know.

Cassini said...

So there IS a God, and he's a Protestant God... Now I know.

LayThatDraw said...

hi cassini, reading through your blog, some interesting posts on footie. just set up a new blog and linked you, link back?

cheers mate