Saturday, 18 July 2009

Get Smart

The next time someone says they can't master exchange betting, you can tell them that a new study has shown that the brain is like a muscle, and will get more powerful with the right kind of daily exercises. This rather lays to rest the traditional view that intelligence is stable: either you have it or you don't, and nothing you do can change that.

Scientists measured the IQs of 70 volunteers, then put them through a brain "boot camp," consisting of memory tasks that increased in difficulty as the subjects became more proficient. After 19 days of exercising their memories and solving puzzles, the volunteers' IQs were retested, and the results were striking. Every single participant made significant gains in "fluid intelligence," the ability to solve problems, use abstract reasoning, and be quick on their feet. The longer people trained, the higher their scores rose. "Intelligence has always been considered principally an immutable inherited trait," study co-author Susanne Jaeggi says. This study "definitely challenges old opinions."
It reminded me of my first exposure to Betfair, confusing at first, but stick with it and specialise and I think anyone can get the hang of it. It took me a lot more than 19 days to understand it though.

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Easwaran said...

Beloved Cassini
what you said about trading or any thing no one comes with knowing.
it is simply keep on focused and keep on observing with more enthusiasm.Sky is the limit
thanks for your thoughs
you have touched me with Hope
wishing you abundant wellness
love and immense gratitude