Wednesday, 1 July 2009

June Report

As of a month ago, June was my lowest performing month. Was. After a month where I could hardly do a thing wrong, I had my fourth best month ever. A very pleasant surprise, and June moves up to 8th spot as a result. The Lakers win in the NBA as predicted in October was a big part of this, but the Stanley Cup, NRL, Wimbledon, Volleyball, Baseball, Golf and women's basketball all contributed. The Premium Charge did not and it will get July off to a bad start in a few hours when they rob me again before I've made a penny.

I take back my comment about baseball liquidity being lower this year. It is still not half-way through the season and I have already made 83% of last season's entire total. Home 'big' teams lost 12 of the 26 matches since I started laying them, and if the percentages continue like that I will be very happy. Three of my teams have only played one game at home though - the Yankees, Red Sox and Cubs so smallish stakes for the moment. The Mets lost 5 of 8, and the Dodgers 3 of 5. Stand by for a News of the World exclusive - "I made £20 million laying the Mets, in July".

July is currently one of my worst months, and as I am planning to take advantage of the quiet time to take a few days of holiday soon, it'll probably continue to be just that. But all work and no play makes Cassini a dull boy - so he's been told. My choices are Kirkuk, the Gaza Strip, the Swat Valley or Costa Rica.

June was also a good month on the health and exercise front, with not a single drop of alcohol passing my lips, and a total of 20.2 miles was run as I shed a whopping 2.8lbs. I do love my stats.

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