Monday, 23 September 2013

Empire Strikes Back

FTL As Of 22.Sep.2013
A new leader after the weekend's results, with the Premier Betting Official account bets taking over at the top, but from a prize money perspective top place currently goes to Emp.

Peter Nordsted's Official bets fared better than his FTL qualifying bets due to multiple winning bets on various unders in the Liverpool v Southampton game as well as on the Half-Time score market.

Emp had  a mere 20 bets, with 13 winners and a profit of 7.11 points, while Skeeve slipped with just one winner. The XX Draws Under bets lost 0.58 points with six winners from twelve, while Forza Fizzer split two under bets in Scotland for a small loss.

No luck for the three Drawmaster selections, but Punters' Friend moved up six places with a 1.17 point profit. Football Elite made a small profit with one winner from two, while Fedslam lost 2.81 and Rubicon lost all four.

The Bundeslayga had one winner for three, for another overall loss, while Scatter Gun had his worst weekend yet with a 4.6 point loss.

Webbo had two winners from ten, and the XX Draws picked up 1.79 points with four winners from 12 including three perfect draws. A 90th minute missed penalty by Stuttgart helped the numbers and repaid us some luck.

And last, but possibly not least by the end of today, is The Football Analyst. 3 winners and 10 losers from the 13 matches played so far, but Graeme will likely move out of last place if Brentford (currently 2.09) can beat 100% Leyton Orient in the last game of the weekend. Currently his bounty liability is £325.

As always, any errors are unintentional - just let me know and I will confirm the numbers. Happy Autumn.

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