Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Skeeve Takes The Lead

The only people excited about this week's FTL update will be Graeme, aka The Football Analyst, Scatter Gun, and possibly Skeeve. As I mentioned last week, Graeme will be paying a bounty of £25 to anyone finishing ahead of him in the FTL table, and as he hasn't yet started, the only beneficiary will be Skeeve who leads the table after a good weekend finding three winners from four and is the only entry in profit.

In descending order we have Peter Nordsted's Premier Betting who were strangely idle this week, Forza Fizzer (one for two and a small loss) closely followed by Peter's Drawmaster.

Debutant Rubicon's lay of Liverpool didn't pan out, Fedslam had one winner from eight selections, the XX Draws Under 2.5 selections had just 5 winners from 14, and Football Elite had two losing selections.

Scatter Gun had his first winning week with 5 winners from 10 to reduce his deficit, while another debutant Webbo started his campaign with 1 winner from 3. He is yet to pay however, as is the third debutant Emp (Prabhat) who went 0 for 4, so they remain in italics until their entry fee is received.

Payment via PayPal to calciocassini @

The Bundeslayga had another poor week with three losers. Punter's Friend Neil had one winner from seven, and the XX Draws had a poor weekend with just two draws from 14 and remain rooted at the foot of the table. Crystal Palace v Sunderland saw a 79' penalty take away the draw, but in the history of the XX Draws, never have I been so happy to see a draw bet go down. I don't imagine it was only me who felt that Palace looked more like Champions League contenders than relegation candidates. Oh it was?

The Football Analyst should be making his long awaited and much anticipated debut after International week, and the table is certainly showing signs of a tough season to date. However it is still early days, and several entries are only a little in the red, so still all to play for and finish ahead of TFA and get your money back at worst.

And of course, any new entries will start in the money as the table currently stands, so don't be shy.

As always, if you see any errors with your numbers, please let me know. Contrary to popular opinion, I am not perfect, and the occasional error may slip through.

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