Saturday, 21 September 2013

Premature e-Publication

I published the The Football Analyst's selections yesterday upon receiving them, much to the chagrin of Anonymous, who wrote:

As you know Graeme has closed at 100 members to protect prices.
But I understand that from now on every one can put pressure on these prices only a few hours after they are released to paying subscribers.
But then again, you have a chance of winning £25!
I actually wasn't aware that Graeme limits his membership to 100, nor am I aware of when the selections are released to paying subscribers. As Graeme says in his comment on the comment:
Cassini had no way of knowing I didn't release the bets until Friday night and it was my fault for not saying to Cassini in the email that I didn't want these published until Saturday morning.
I have no issue with Cassini posting the bets as long as it's 24 hours later after I release the bets. I should have mentioned it in the email to Cassini.
Now that I am aware of the sensitive nature of these selections, and the fact that the selections for the FTL overlap those sent to subscribers, I shall delay publication. Anonymous is right about one thing - after paying over £1,600 in Premium Charges last week, I certainly do need that £25!
I actually didn't look at backing Graeme's selections until this morning, and although the Betfair graphs leave much to be desired, it did appear that there was generally a recent dip, before the price recovered. Graeme did continue:
I do feel people need to cut me a little slack at times. I limit members, I quote below market prices for proofing/recording purposes and now someone isn't happy that some bets are appearing on another blog. For two seasons, I posted every bet on my own blog beforehand and gave away the bets for free.
I do understand that having paid for something, you don't want to see it being given away for free, and hopefully Anonymous understands this was a miscommunication / misunderstanding that won't be repeated

After all that though, another down day for Graeme today with his 12 Saturday selections just wrapping up. Three winners and nine losses.

Skeeve had a poor day too - five FTL selections and just the one winner.

The XX Draws have so far had two winners snatched away late in the game - Everton's 85' winner at West ham United and Hannover '96 scored an 89' penalty to beat Augsburg - but one man's pain is another man's joy, and Matt at Football Elite will have been turning cartwheels having selected Hannover '96 to win.

Peter Nordsted will also be a happy man today, with his Account Bets already guaranteed to be in profit for the weekend. He predicted a low scoring Liverpool v Southampton game, a game which caught out several entries, as did the Norwich City v Aston Villa game which many, including myself, predicted the draw.

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