Saturday, 9 January 2016

Lulu The Elephant

At the risk of this all getting very silly, no - on second thoughts it's already got very silly, here are James' observations on covering his short, fat, hairy legs (well he's one mentioning Morecambe and Wise), children's TV shows and comedy duos:

Leg coverings other than jeans were available. Cords? Chinos?
I never counted how many times Dick and Mutley won a race. Obviously, your numbers obsession started small as a child. I was always into sports figures.
Analysing my contrariness further; I watched Blue Peter, whilst most people at school watched Magpie, I was for Swapshop, whist everyone else watched TisWas and for Morecambe and Wise, whilst everyone else watched The Two Ronnies.
Further to finance related movies, I feel a post relating to finance movies is about to appear on my blog. I'll give you a mention as the initiant. Let's see if we can get you to 2000 views per day. It does nothing for my stats but I'm in a giving mood.
I'm not too sure about cords - I had a corduroy pillow once - heard they were making headlines... , but corduroy trousers, no.

I went back to my parents house and retrieved my Excel spreadsheet from 1969 from my old bedroom. Here are the results from the 34 Wacky Races with points awards F1 style - 9, 6, 3:
Blue Peter? Give that man a badge. Who can ever forget the Lulu the Elephant episode? If you've not seen it before, it's worth a look, and if you have seen it before, it's worth another look.

Morecambe and Wise v Two Ronnies? Tough call - both very funny, and Mr Corbett CBE a Crystal Palace fan. I remember when the club organised a "Bring a Pal to the Palace" campaign back in 1977, he turned up in the Main Stand with Mr Barker.

As for the post on finance related movies, here's the link despite James' falling short on his target of 2,000 hits by a meagre 1,341 yesterday. Can't trust anyone these days.

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How can you mention Blue Peter without also mentioning Simon Groom's big pair of double entendres?

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