Sunday, 10 January 2016

Green With Envy

Having exceeded four figures on the hit count just once in the entire history of the blog (last Thursday), two days later (yesterday) the previous record is smashed with a total of 1,821. James' 2,000 target wasn't far off at all.

Initial suspicions that there are a lot of Wacky Races fans out there proved to be unfounded, with the massive leap mostly thanks to a reader in Leeds who spent much of his Saturday gaining new knowledge and picking up ideas that will serve him well in his investing future.

Still way behind Full Time Betting blog though, whose:
page counter shows 2892689 unique page views since 2010
That's an average (mean) daily hit total of at least 1,324, a number I have beaten just once in almost eight years! Perhaps I should rename this humble effort "Green With Envy All Over"? Full Time Betting blog must have a Full Time Marketing team.

Before we get back to more serious matters, James left a comment asking:
How can you mention Blue Peter without also mentioning Simon Groom's big pair of double entendres?
#1 -

#2 - (first part only)
James must be younger than myself since I'd never heard of Simon Groom.

So, back to the real business of this blog and this weekend sees the NFL Playoffs begin with the four Wild Card games. The line-ups this year are a little unusual in that the away (road) team is favoured in three of the four matches and the Washington Redskins are only one point favourites to beat the Green Bay Packers. Road teams have won at least one game every season since 2007 bar 2012 and were 14-18 straight up going into this weekend.

Yesterday in the AFC, away Kansas City Chiefs covered the -3 spread by a mere 27 points winning at the Houston Texans 30-0, while in the second game the away Pittsburgh Steelers led by 15-0 and traded at 1.03 before trailing 15-16 late to the Cincinnati Bengals, who in turn then traded at 1.05. I'd already updated my spreadsheet with the loss when the Bengals self destructed with idiotic penalties allowing the Steelers to win 18-16.  

Today's roadies are the Seattle Seahawks (-4.5) and the Green Bay Packers (+1).

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