Friday, 8 January 2016

Wacky Races

A record breaking day for the blog yesterday, with four figures exceeded for the first time in its long and illustrious history.

Once again, James makes it easy to post frequently with another comment, this time on yesterday's post about short-sellers (and "don't pass" craps bettors). James has this to say:
I always preferred Dick Dastardly to Penelope Pitstop, an establishment lacky if ever there was one.
I've always been against the crowd. Never one to follow the herd. Never to wear a pair of jeans when all around me did. A long hair when others are close cropped. A skinhead amongst New Romantic bouffants.
You only get one shot at life. I never wait for the ideal bet when there are plenty of lays to be had in the meantime.
The Big Short was a good read. I look forward to watching the film.
Another one to watch is Margin Call. A more apt film for these times rather than the dated (although still watchable) Wall Street, a film for when making money was easy rather than the leveraged naked short, rigged, insider traded, clusteryouknowwhat we have today.
Sleep well!
Perhaps we shouldn't read too much into James walking around in his underpants, looking for easy lays while seeing himself as Dick Dastardly, who was something of a loser crossing the finish the line just five times (twice in last place) and never making it to the podium.

We would perhaps be more concerned if James had identified with Southern Belle Penelope Pitstop, although she was at least a four time winner (of the 34 races).

Let's hope that James puts his jeans on before going to see The Big Short.

I haven't yet seen Margin Call, but reading the reviews and James' trusted opinion, I need to check it out.

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James said...

Leg coverings other than jeans were available. Cords? Chinos?

I never counted how many times Dick and Mutley won a race. Obviously, your numbers obsession started small as a child. I was always into sports figures.

Analysing my contrariness further; I watched Blue Peter, whilst most people at school watched Magpie, I was for Swapshop, whist everyone else watched TisWas and for Morecambe and Wise, whilst everyone else watched The Two Ronnies.

Further to finance related movies, I feel a post relating to finance movies is about to appear on my blog. I'll give you a mention as the initiant. Let's see if we can get you to 2000 views per day. It does nothing for my stats but I'm in a giving mood.