Tuesday, 4 October 2016

MLB 2016 Regular Season Review

The MLB regular season came to a close at the weekend, with the play-offs starting tonight in Canada. Backing the Underdogs in play-off games over the past ten seasons has been profitable as readers will know.

For some 'odd' reason, even years have always been profitable with ROIs of 20% plus every year. Although there's no logical explanation, at least none that I can think of, why this should be a trend, let's hope it continues.

As for the regular season, the Rhenium System (75% or greater Implied Probability) ended up 2.58 points from 21 selections, and an ROI of 12.3%.

Backing favourites at 1.5 or less (IP 0.667+) resulted in a small loss on the Money Line (-0.72 points / ROI -0.1%) but a profit on the Run Line of 8.7 points, ROI 2.7%. This system had an unbelievably bad July, dropping more than 25 points in that one month. It was the worst month for favourites in this range since September of 2004, which at least had the excuse of being at the tail end of the season when strange things can be expected.
The T-Bone System I revealed in July performed fantastically, with big profits on both the Money Line (+15.98 points /  ROI +6.5%) and the Run Line (+18.32 points / ROI +11.7%). The Overs discussed in some detail here ended up 29.51 points, an ROI of 18%.

The Home Improvement System was a disappointment, losing 6.02 points (-10.1% ROI) on the Money Line but clawing back 3.00 points on the Run Line.

The Mountain High System that some of you were following performed well with the higher Run Total Lines, but not so well with the lower totals, reinforcing an observation made by Fizzer back in July.  Backing every game result in a loss of 5.68 points (from the 81 selections) but backing Overs when the Run Line was set higher made a small profit from just 14 bets. The average runs per game ended up at 4.475, the highest since 2009.

Overall, it was a good season for these systems, and we still have 30 or so games to go for the UMPO system.

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