Monday 24 October 2016


Bossman Megarain writes in his latest post:

It's an interesting idea, that, for corporations to excel, you need collaboration.

It occurred to me, there is little collaboration between pro-gamblers .. unless they are part of a syndicate, and, maybe its a deficiency.

Sharing expertise is hard to quantify - you don't know the value of a spreadsheet, or 15 years trading experience, but, it's probably something that should be explored.

Quite how you do it, is another problem.
While trading is necessarily a solo activity, (you won't have an edge if you share it with others), I do think that there are benefits to bouncing ideas off other traders.

It's rare to find any trading nuggets these days, probably because people recognise that sharing an advantage is not in their best interests, and blogs that tell the truth about trading are few and far between.

As Friedrich Nietzsche put it:

"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed"
As a consequence, we end up with forums that are, for the most part, full of drivel, and happy blogs that talk about how easy trading is, and how an Aston Martin is in your (near) future and if you somehow can't achieve this, then there must be something wrong with you.

The inconvenient truth that, by most estimates, at least 90% of sports gamblers / traders lose money, is somehow glossed over. 

Meanwhile, the Cassini Team have been busy working on Project Verdana this weekend, going back into the archives to freshen up the look of the blog. It may be working, as Anonymous wrote: 
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Or it could have been a bot probing the ability to post comments. In case it was a genuine question, the theme is not paid for. It's all standard blogger functionality, topped up with excellent quality writing! Keep reading. 

1 comment:

Megarain said...


Thx for the mention -- I get at least 5 referrals from your site .. // almost doubling my readership, lol.

Just as well, we don't do it for the money.

I have tried collaboration, but, am usually disappointed, by the lack of skills, most people have. Programmers especially, seem totally over-rated, and can basically only code, if u dot every i etc. For all this, I have a fondness for seeing blogs, which run automation scripts, showing P/L's, for a few pence here and there. It can be done .. just, not by me.

As an aside, I hope u are aware of the PC exempt trials, for Basketball, over the next season. Maybe it will be worth, getting up in the wee hours, to make a market.