Friday, 2 July 2021

Moving Day

Yesterday was Moving Day in Quebec, but at two games down in the Stanley Cup Finals, the Montreal Canadiens will need to get moving if they are to end Canada's drought in this competition!

It was also Canada Day, but little to celebrate for that province with the Tampa Bay Lightning winning the first two games and game three tonight likely to see the Lighting as a qualifier for the NHL System, although so far this season, this has not been profitable in the playoffs overall even if the Lightning specifically haven't been to blame.

The regular season gave us 51.5 units of profit to play with, but unfortunately the 26 playoff games have seen us hand back 6.23 of them.

In the MLB, June continued the good fortunes of May with the Hot Favourites adding another 14.1 units. Left handed starters were 14-1 for the month (32-3 for the season) as I mentioned last week

The T-Bone System lost 2.07 units, while the Overs added 9.8 units. You may recall that I mentioned the success of Unders in May writing:
The Totals Systems combined are comfortably in profit after 179 games (29.96 units) but interestingly all the profit is from Unders with Overs slightly down, although making up ground after a slow start to the season.

The probable reason was discussed in early June and the subsequent clampdown my umpires has not surprisingly seen this avenue of easy money closed down. After being in profit by 28.85 units through the end of May, in June we lost 4.8 units, but again overall a profit for the Totals Systems.

There's also a football competition currently in progress, and if you took my advice about backing the Draw in knockout matches, we're almost guaranteed a profit already, even with seven matches still to come. Four draws from the eight Round of 16 matches mean we are up 6.94 units so far, perhaps a little lucky with two 3:3 results on Monday given that no World Cup or Euro knockout game had previously ended with this result, but we'll take it. 

In the NBA, the Phoenix Suns reached the final after missing the playoffs for ten years straight, a record I believe, and will likely play the Milwaukee Bucks who now have a 3:2 load over the Atlanta Hawks. For the Overs System, we've only had four qualifiers in the playoffs, three of which went Under. As in most sports, there's a big difference between regular season games and playoffs. 

Good luck in July. At noon today, the year will be half over. 

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